Fiber Optic Project Kit

A complete kit that combines all the materials necessary to understand the theory of fiber optics. The kit contains a 224 page book on the principles of fiber optics, plus all the components to complete the 8 experiments and 5 projects included in the text.
Some of the included lessons are “getting acquainted with a light pipe”, “LED driven fiber optic systems”, “AM fiber optic receiver” and “fiber optic light pen cable”. All instructions are written in an easy-to-understand style. The kit is an easy way to learn about fiber optics and gain valuable hands-on experience. It is suitable for classrooms, on-the-job training, science projects and experimenters. Upon completion, several useful products will have been constructed, such as a digital data link and a light pen.
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IFE33* Fiber Optic Project Kit 49.99 47.49 42.74

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