The optical voice is an introduction to the marvels, mysteries, and science of light transmission in optical fiber. You will hear your own voice , for example, after it has been converted into light and then coupled into, through, and out of an optical fiber. No prior experience is needed to use or build this kit to operation level. Experience and knowledge will be gained by working with the many components including the acoustic microphone, analog fiber optic transmitter and receiver, and the fiber cable interfaces. The optical voice link requires no additional components and can be extended up to 200’. Kit includes: printed wiring boards, switches, electronics, microphone, 8 speaker, 10’ of plastic fiber cable, tutorial guide, and step-by-step assembly instructions. No special tools or training necessary. IFOLV10A is an assembled version of the kit.
Stock #
IFOLV10* Optical Voice Link Kit 49.99 47.49 42.74
IFOLV10A* Optical Voice Link Kit (Assembled) 89.99 85.49 76.94

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